The New Zealand Religious Education Curriculum is used across all levels of the school. The focus is integrated throughout class programmes and the whole school environment. Our values are linked to the Mercy Values introduced by the Sister's of Mercy, over one hundred years ago.

There is a parent guide to the programme and ideas on how you can support your child in their faith development. 

Our Special Character is also lived through our motto



St Anne's students show respect and are respected in a holistic, safe, and caring learning environment, which values self-efficacy and love of life.


St Anne's strives to provide an inclusive environment where we value all cultures in our community by celebrating heritage, faith, and first language. In mutual partnership, staff, students, parents, and parish all contribute in building a faith community.


As lifelong learners we believe that learning is a journey of self-discovery challenging us to achieve excellence.

Recognition of individual learning styles is encouraged and supported.

Students will gain awareness and take ownership of their learning through development of the key competencies.


St Anne's is a forward thinking school that promotes learning as a journey of opportunities and possibilities for a successful and fulfilling future.

Our special character is also supported by our Mercy Values.

Respect - Te Tapu o Te Tanganta

Appreciating and being aware of our own actions, and other people's feelings, wishes and rights.

We promote Respect when we:

Service - Awhina

Helping others because it is what Jesus teaches us to do.

We promote Service when we:

Social Justice - Tika

Being responsible for one another, making sure everyone is treated fairly and justly with Jesus as our guide.

We promote Social Justice when we:

Hospitality - Manaakitanga 

Making all people feel welcome and safe.

We promote Hospitality when we:

Compassion - Aroha

Making a difference by loving, caring for and being kind to all we meet.

We promote Compassion when we:

Excellence - Panekiritanga

Trying our best in everything we do. Let your light shine bright.

We promote Excellence when we: