School Tour

If you are looking to join our school, we welcome you to come and look around our stimulating learning environment. If you are interested in finding out more about our school, please call to arrange a meeting with our Principal, Doreen O'Sullivan.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Fees at Catholic Primary Schools in the Wellington Archdiocese are $136.25 per term or $545.00 per year.

These can be paid by:

  • Automatic payment

  • Cheque to the Catholic Schools Board Ltd

  • Online using credit or debit card www.wn.catholic.org.nz/attendance-dues

Attendance Dues can be paid in instalments on a weekly, fortnightly or term basis.

Information about how the attendance dues are used within the school is available here.

Classroom Visits

We welcome you and your child to visit our school before starting their school year. These visits help your child to be familiar with their classroom teacher and their classmates. It also allows parents to establish a relationship with the teacher. We recommend 2 - 3 visits before your child starts their schooling.

Please contact the office to arrange a time.

Enrolment Documents Required

St Anne's Enrolment form

New Zealand birth certificate or passport

Passport of parents (If that parent has been born outside of New Zealand)

Passport of Residency Status for children born outside New Zealand

Preferential Certificate

Your child's immunisation records

Baptismal Certificate (Preference)

Enrolment Checklist

ENROLMENT FORM 2022__v2.pdf


Attendance Dues


Preference Certificate

What does my child need to know before starting school?

We are here to help your child learn academic and social skills. We do not expect your child to have learned their letters, numbers or to read before they start school. However, there are a few skills that can help your child get into the swing of things quickly and cheerfully.

  • To use the toilet and wash my hands by myself

  • Draw a picture/make marks on a page and say what I have drawn

  • Recognise my own name

  • Tell people my name

  • Open my lunchbox and any food containers or packets inside it

  • Dress and undress myself

  • Put on and take off my shoes (gumboots or velcro shoes are requested if your child cannot tie laces)

  • Sit and listen to a story for five minutes

  • Be able to tell an adult if I need help

The best preparation for school is playing and talking! Through playing your child learns what they are interested in and enjoy doing. Talking, singing songs and reading books is an amazing way to set your child up to enjoy reading. If you are concerned about whether your child is ready for school please feel free to come and chat to us, we are passionate about supporting children to have a positive experience in the early years of school.