Partnership with parents and families is recognised as a most valuable component at St Anne's School.

ERO have identified in 'Partners in learning Schools Engagement with Parents, Whanau, and Communities' (June 2008) the following factors as being influential in establishing good learning pathways.

  • Contact with parents is timely and opportunities taken to share their child's successes and concerns.

  • Regular formal and informal opportunities are provided to discuss student progress, achievement and well-being.

  • Reporting of achievement is based around sound data, easily understood, honest and timely.

  • Students have opportunities to lead conferences about their learning with their teachers and parents, whanau and families.

  • Parents, whanau and families have opportunities to be involved in their child's learning, for example in goal setting and career pathways.

  • Parents and whanau are involved in the celebration of their child's achievement.

  • Parents are supported in helping their child to learn at home.

  • Parents, whanau and families have opportunities to learn about teaching programmes (curriculum), assessment practices/processes, initiatives that support their child's well-being and parenting.

  • Newsletters, Facebook and the website are regularly updated to foster whanau engagement.

  • Staff are available every Tuesday from 3pm-4pm to meet with parents and whanau to discuss any questions they may have around their child's learning.